Recommended Books by Our Participating Publishers and Artists


Adrian Bradshaw / "The Door Opened: 1980s China"

As China looks back on 40 years of reform and opening up it’s time to look back and see how far the country has changed. The youth whose energy and optimism seized the moment with experimentation and invention back in the first decade of the new era built the foundations of an outward looking, successful and confident China today. Consumer goods, food, clothes, hair and much more were beginning to get a lot more interesting in both the cities and the countryside. In his twenties in the 1980s, Bradshaw was in the company of the young people who drove the reform era and built many of the features of 21st Century China: the artists, farmers, entrepreneurs and industrialists whose enthusiasm and positivity made things happen. This energy that made history is still bursting forth.


AKAAKA Art Publishing, Inc. / "Silence and Image" by Ahn Jun
“Self-Portrait” is the first photography book by Ahn Jun, a Seoul-based photographer who works internationally.

To stand on rooftops is, for her, to visualize the void that exists between a past that cannot be changed and a future landscape that seems far away.

"I think the present is one very short instant between the future and the past. So basically all of us are living on the edge of something, between life and death, and between the ideal and the reality. " ──  Ahn Jun



AKAAKA Art Publishing, Inc. / "Silence and Image" by Mariko Takeuchi

Masahisa Fukase, long-awaited compilation.

Forty years of pursuing “personality” and “play”.


AKAAKA Art Publishing, Inc. / "Imperfect Cats" by Kawori Inbe

Kawori Inbe "Imperfect Cats” that  shows the possibility of new photographic acts that  can not be said with role-sharing of dichotomy between the two, such as the creator and models, the performer and the recorders.


AKAAKA Art Publishing, Inc. / "Silence and Image" by Mariko Takeuchi

The first book of essays by the major critic Mariko Takeuchi. 

The text of Silence and Image discusses the works of 11 Japanese photographers including Ken Domon, Risaku Suzuki, and Lieko Shiga. All of the essays have been translated into English, and the beautiful illustrations serve as portals to the text. What does it mean to look at photographs? What does it mean to draw near to people in pain? These questions underlie all of the essays. The book also considers gender as it relates to art and photography.


Akio Nagasawa Publishing / "Lips! Lips! Lips!" by Daido Moriyama

Limited Edition of 350 copies signed by the artist.

A sum up of Moriyama Daido's work with a focus on lips. All gelatin silver prints. 



Austin Tang / "Stuff I Saw Yesterday" 

An Extended Stay: Motion, Form, Blur, Food, Property, Time, Object, Environment, Transport

Buying and Selling, Work life . . . Twelve Lenses on the City.

Through a series of linked evocatively captioned photographs and 12 written pieces, this book seeks to capture some of the unique and essential themes of life in Hong Kong - its urban texture and experience - from a personal and street level view. Images and text intertwine so that one can to begin at any point and meander discovering along the way the great diversity, energy, richness and

ambiguity of this city. The format encourages the unique point of view from which the book content was assembled--meandering, noticing and pausing to see life the details of life unfolding. Taken together, the writings and photos suggest 12 distinct lenses from which to approach the sensory drama of Hong Kong available in the everyday.


Boogie Woogie Photography / "New Wave" by Raymond Cauchetier (ACC Editions)

In the late 1950s and early 60s the French New Wave changed cinema forever.The radical, original approach of auteur directors, with Jean-Luc Godard and François Truffaut leading the way, created abiding, iconic films. Photographer Raymond Cauchetier documented the dramatic flowering of New Wave, creating pictures that have long been appreciated as emblematic of a dynamic, experimental era. Cauchetier’s inspired, spontaneous photo-reportage style colluded with the new cinematic vision of Jean-Luc Godard, Truffaut, et al, capturing both the essence of a film and the story of its making. 


Boogie Woogie Photography / "Un Conte Polonais" by Bogdan Konopka (Delpire Editions)

How to make a portrait of a country? Of your own country?

Polish photographer Bogdan Konopka invites us to accompany himself not to make a photographic portrait of Poland - it would be hopeless - but to capture his own Poland and to share his own experiences without neither claiming nor imposing anything.



Boogie Woogie Photography / "Silent Respiration of Forests" by Takeshi Shikama (TOSEI-SHA Publishing)

« This series of photographs is an expression of my search for the soul of the deep forests.

One day in early autumn in 2001, just as twilight was setting in, I had lost track of the mountain paths. I happened to wander into a shady forest, where I found myself suddenly seized with a strong desire to take photographs. The following day, I set out once again, carrying my camera with me this time, and searched for the same forest. This experience made me realize that I was not taking photographs of the forest out of my own will, but that the forest was inducing me to take its photographs… » - Shikama Takeshi



brownie publishing / "RE-FORM" by Edas Wong 

“RE-FORM” is different from street photographs taken casually or those that pay much attention to the composition of images. Edas WONG intended to discard all known understandings and restrictive assumptions and use the way of child's thinking to re-comprehend the world in front of him. Then he reformed all the elements with unlimited imagination and formed all the interesting photos. / Edas WONG 黃建榮,一位來自香港的業餘街拍攝影師。 大眾對於他的名字也許有點陌生,然而他卻是一直在攝影創作上默默耕耘,除持續發佈到網上之外,亦曾獲得不少國際性的奬項及在國外參與展覽。《RE-FORM》攝影集Edas自2012年開始創作的系列,有別於一般隨性的抓拍或是著重影像構圖的街拍,他意圖把所有根深蒂固的認知和慣性的假設都拋掉,試著用小孩子的思維方式重新理解眼前的世界,再將所有元素以無限的想像力重新組合,建構成一幅幅有趣的畫面。


Case Publishing / "ZEEN" by Scheltens & Abbenes

The book ZEEN will be launched in March 2019 during the eponymous exhibition of work by still-life photographers Maurice Scheltens and Liesbeth Abbenes at Foam Photography Museum in Amsterdam. Although this book stands alone, it has similarities with the exhibition, in which the visitor is invited to look attentively at the things around them, sometimes at a micro level.


Chris Shaw / "SOHOLONDON"

SOHOLONDON.... is Chris Shaw's second book with Mörel.

Taken at the same time as his famous night porter series, Shaw's photographs of soho in the 1990's recall a time..that was..."Last of the louche, last of the lament for lost lovers, last of the Smokey"

Shaw brings his unique approach to his subjects, shooting with great intensity, carefully hand-printing his black and white photographs. Shaw said: ‘For me, photography is a very dirty and rough process; and stains, marks, blurs, rough edges, writing, are all a part of it... it’s about the physical connection… it's not Ansel Adams!’
Limited Edition of 150 / the last 15 left for are sale at Hong Kong Photobook Fair


Chris Wong / "Now & Then"

A historic building is a legend of one’s own time. A trace of it is left and gets exposed on an instant photo. Each frame is a monument to be discovered and preserved. A photo in hand is a ticket to ride on a time machine. Travelling between different points along the timeline, we re-witness moments in history. When the past and present are juxtaposed, humans cannot help but respond with contemplations and a sense of nostalgia.

Now and Thenis a personal documentary on occidental colonial-style buildings in Hong Kong.Each place, may it be a barracks, a court house or a church, exudes its own lasting charm. What if we slow down and listen to the stories of these timeless aesthetics.




Chan Wai Kwong / "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"








DIALECT / "Dummy" by Rusty Fox

"There was a group of humans abusing in intoxicants. Being in an ecstatic madness that lost their enthusiasm to live, to exist, only to vastly indulging extravagant. I saw the resemblance of them with this – crash test dummies. Their existence was merely to be exposed in collision; they were mindless and soulless, counting the clock to be completely destroyed." - Rusty Fox


Hang Tam / "Hong Kong 2" 

As a Hong Kong born and bred, I captured the unusual images in the usual Hong Kong, and this is the city I’ve been knowing.  Do these photographs share your reminiscences of the city? 


imageless / "The Land Between Us" by Ning Kai & Sabrina Scarpa

Ning Kai and Sabrina have been working together since 2015. They have launched their career as a photographic duo with The Land Between Us; a growing body of work which they describe as their “united journey”. Partners in work and in life, they delve into the unknown corners of the natural world, finding moments of revelation, equality and intimacy within thinly populated areas and untouched wilderness. / 寧凱和Sabrina Scarpa是一對攝影組合,也是生活中的伴侶。2015年的2月,他們正式開啟了這個有關於自然和旅途的作品。在共同旅行的途中,他們將目光投向地圖上同一地點的自然風景,“沿著我們的旅程”所拍攝的作品同時標誌著彼此共同的意志和步伐。《The Land Between Us》這本書是他們共同完成的第一個作品。“我們深入到自然世界的未知角落,在旅途中尋找啟示,象徵平等和親密的瞬間。通過影像,我們渴望從現代文明的核心中跳出,去探討自然本身。”


Jiazazhi / "Experimental Relationship Vol. 1" by Pixy Liao

I started to experiment with this relationship. I would set up all kinds of situations for Moro and I to perform in the photos. My photos explore the alternative possibilities of heterosexual relationships. They question what is the norm of heterosexual relationships. What will happen if man & woman exchange their roles of sex & roles of power. Because my boyfriend is Japanese, and I am Chinese, this project also describes a love and hate relationship.



Jiazazhi / "No More No Less" by Thomas Sauvin & Kensuke Kioke

In 2015, French artist Thomas Sauvin acquired an album produced in the early 1980s by an unknown Shanghai University photography student. The album comprises original negatives, silver prints, manuscript comments from an anonymous professor, and shows the student’s diligence in mastering the rules applying to the conventional portrait. This volume was given a second life through the expert hands of Kensuke Koike, a Japanese artist based in Venice whose practice combines collage and found photography. 



Jiazazhi / "Salt Ponds" by Ke Peng

Ke Peng, who was born in Hunan Province and grew up in Shenzhen in China, set her creation in the rapidly developing urban space to awaken other people's perception by projecting her personal experience onto the fragile and sensitive parts of the big city. Essentially The Salt Pond is more like an ecosystem that may be slightly out of balance due to being involved, where the situation of the pond and the fish will eventually refer to people who is trapped in the city but also dependent on the excitement and security it brings.



Jo Farrell / "Living History" 

This book documents some of the last remaining women with bound feet in China. Through oral interviews and photographs 50 women were interviewed about their foot binding and their lives during the Cultural Revolution and the great famine in China. The photographs are all fine art pieces, captured on black and white film and printed as silver gelatin prints. The majority are between the ages of 80 and 100 years old and are from Shandong and Yunnan Provinces. These women come from peasant backgrounds and have lived incredible lives working in the fields despite their bound feet. This book looks beyond their feet and captures a piece of history for generations to come. It is an anthropological study of women with bound feet.



Le Plac'Art Photo / "Caio Garrubba" by I CINESI
In the sixties the Italian photographer Caio Garrubba travelled into China and reported his documentory in the classic style of the Humanist photographers.

shashasha / "Japan, A Photo Theater" by Daido Moriyama

The very first photobook by legendary Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama, Japan: A Photo Theater, is finally available again in a renewed edition. Originally published in 1968 – the year which also saw the launch of the influential Provoke magazine – the book already demonstrates Moriyama’s trademark visual style.



soft d press / "Another Day in Paradise" by Wingla Wong

In the second half of 2018, my friend Rita and I went to Sichuan to visit relatives, Guangzhou to see friends, and Guilin for sightseeing.  It was a long journey and a very pleasant trip.

- Wingla Wong


- Wingla Wong



Standsfield To / "The Dark Soul" 闇魂   


 「闇」,就字義上面有著陰暗、混濁的意思,整體的作品中,似乎也傳達著Standsfield To對於他所身處環境的一種濃烈的疏離感,黑白、高反差,沒有太多的細節在影像之中,一種從內心直觀的影像,呼應著他自身的情緒。




Three Shadows / "Ten Direction: The 10th Anniversary Exhibition of the Three

Shadows Photography Award Limited Edition Set"《十方:三影堂摄影奖十周年特展》限量珍藏版


Limited collection contains 37 works from participating artists, 1 exhibition catalog, 1 certificate and a special box. Limited to 40 copies.



Featured Artists: 

BING Nv, CAI Dongdong, CHEN Xiaoyi, CHEN Zhe, CHENG Xinhao, CHU Chu, DAI Jianyong, DU Yanfang, FENG Li, HUANG Jing, HUANG Xiaoliang, JIANG Pengyi, 9mouth, LI Jun, LIANG Xiu, LIN Zhipeng (aka 223), LIU Zhangbolong, LU Yanpeng, LUO Yang, LUO Dan, Mu Ge, QIU, REN Hang, SHEN Linghao, SUN Yanchu, Taca SUI, WANG Lin, WANG Tuo, Yan WANG Preston, WEI Bi, XU Lijing, YANG Yuanyuan, ZHANG Jin, ZHANG Kechun, ZHANG Wenxin, ZHANG Xiao, ZHANG Zhizhou, ZHU Lanqing



Three Shadows / "RongRong’s East Village 1993-1998" 《荣荣的东村》限量珍藏版

The East Village was located in Beijing’s eastern fringe between the Third and Fourth Ring Roads. It was created inside a small, crumbling village called Dashanzhuang, between 1992 and 1994 by a group of struggling artists and musicians. Attracted by the low-rents and close proximity to downtown Beijing, they made Dashanzhuang their adopted home. Some of them went further and formed an avant-garde inner circle that began to create a series of highly challenging works – mainly performances and photographs – which sent an instant shockwave throughout the community of experimental Chinese artists in Beijing and beyond. Rong Rong moved to East Village in 1993 and recorded the community through photographs. In June 1994, the police arrested two residents of the East Village and ordered others to leave the house they rented here. The East Village no longer exists, having been fully demolished in 2001 and 2002.




Three Shadows / "The Yellow River" (Limited Edition) by Zhang Kechun《张克纯:北流活活》限量珍藏版

“Guo Guo”- an onomatopoeia originating from “The Book of Odes”that describes the sound of the Yellow River and lends itself to Zhang Kechun for the Chinese title of this series. Inspired by Zhang Chengzhi’s text Rivers of the North, Zhang Kechun photographed Yellow River landscapes extensively, resulting in this limited edition photobook.

 北流活活的名稱源自《詩經》中 “河⽔洋洋,北流活活”,是描寫⻩河流⽔的聲音。受到張承志《北北⽅方的河》的啟發,張克純以⻩河及其周邊物、⼟、⼈、情為敘事線索拍攝並最終集結為地景肖像系列。

TOSEI SHA / "Zokushin" by Hiromi Tsuchida
This republication of Hiromi Tsuchida's seminal and long out of print "Zokushin" (1976) is taken from 1968 to 1975, during a time of accelerated political, societal and economic change in Japan and a growing affluence. Tsuchida turned his lens to the people seeming left behind, the older generations, and the rural populace. Locations include Ise, Fujisan, Yoshino, Osorezan, Tokyo, Yokohama and other places. 





Wong Kan Tai / "Secret 香港樞密1842~1997"

Kan Tai Wong just published his latest photobook entitled "Secret 香港樞密1842~1997". The book is about Hong Kong colonial secret memos in British National Archives. Wong will launch this book at 2019 Hong Kong Photo Book Fair.

Born and based in Hong Kong, Wong already published photo books including: Fukushima, The Queen's, Vajrayana, Hong Kong Walled City and 89' Tiananmen.


 攝影師黃勤帶最新的攝影集名叫  《secret香港樞密1842~1997》。 這是一本 關於 英國國家檔案館裏面保存的香港殖民地時代官方解密文書。這本書將會在2019 Hong Kong photobook Fair發佈出售。

在香港出生的黄勤帶。 已經出版的攝影集包括Fukushima, the Queens, Vajrayana, 香港地, 八九廣場的日子。


Zen Foto Gallery / "showa96" by Kazuyoshi Usui

Having released Showa88 in 2011 and Showa92 in 2015, Showa96 is the third and final part of his Showa work.

“I am not trying to express nostalgia by naming my series ‘Showa’. To me, ‘Showa’ represents the ‘gritty determination to survive’. Rather, I am trying to create a world of fantasy, imagining if ‘Showa’ had continued to exist in another time and space and what kind of world it will be. I am releasing this third part of my Showa work just as the Heisei Era is coming to an end. I find aesthetics in the contradictions and fraying that exist in human beings trying to survive throughout their life - people who continue to follow their own beliefs even when they are regarded as misfits. By following my gut feeling, sometimes I make portraits of them and sometimes I build stories from the feelings I get from the places.  Perhaps this whole process is now complete, and I hope to have filled the emptiness in my contradictory state of mind - living in a world of great comfort without having to worry about food and other necessities, even though I am thankful for the achievements of our predecessors. Am I being driven by the era, or am I being driven by what I have deliberately made up for myself? The only certain thing is, Heisei is ending this year, but Showa continues.” - Kazuyoshi Usui



Book Signing Event

A Bastard Son - Book Signings by Brian Sergio at Zen Foto Gallery's booth
March 29th to 31st (Fri, Sat, Sun) - all day

Good Luck Hong Kong - Book Signings by ERIC at Zen Foto Gallery's booth
March 29-31 (Fri, Sat, Sun) - 3pm - 8pm

die of love - Book Signings by Hideka Tonomura at Zen Foto Gallery's booth
March 30th (Sat) - all day

The Third Room - Book Signings by Naohiro Harada at Zen Foto Gallery's booth
March 30-31 (Sat, Sun) - all day

SURVEILLANCE - Book Signings by Tsutomu Yamagata at Zen Foto Gallery's booth
March 29-31 (Fri, Sat, Sun) - all day