Book Signing Event

As the Call, So the Echo Book Signings by Yoshiyuki Okuyama at AKAAKA's booth
March 30th - 15:00-16:00
Here Goes River Book Signings by Aya Fujioka at AKAAKA's booth
March 30th to April 1st - all day
Fukushima Book Signings by Wong Kan Tai at his own booth  
1st April 14:00-15:00
Chai Wan Fire Station Book Signings by Chan Dick at shashasha's booth  
1st April 14:00-15:00
S, selfpolaroids Book Signings by Tokyo Rumando at Zen Foto Gallery's booth
March 30th to April 1st - all day

Recommended Books by Our Participating Publishers and Artists


                         AKAAKA / "Here Goes River" by Aya Fujioka

Aya Fujioka's third book 'Here Goes River" have won this year's Kimura Ihe Award! Fresh and emerging snapshot work that expresses historical tragedy latent in the present Hiroshima's everyday life.

"River runs like blood, so does blood like river"

brownie publishing / "Yes Madam, Sorry Ah Sir" by Paul Yeung

Hong Kong photographer Paul Yeung tries to challenge the routine of traditional documentary, which sometimes captures the most sensational moment to provoke audience. In contrast, Yeung adopts a humorous and distant point of views to penetrate the deeply-rooted superiority and authority image of the police, and reveal the less-known side of them, in order to raise a thinking about the essence and meaning of the profession.


Case Publishing / "Overflow" by Takuma Nakahira 

Takuma Nakahira, one of the most legendary photographers of post-war Japan and a life-long rival of Daido Moriyama. Overflow is the first photobook in which his installation work comes alive in entirety and detail since its unveiling in 1974. The photographs show elements of a city — eery rifts in a space overflowing with objects, commodities and information — that Nakahira encountered and captured in his everyday life, from ivy creeping across walls and manhole covers in the streets to the tire of a large truck, from a pale-bellied shark floating in the transparent darkness behind the glass of an aquarium to close-up shots of a subway station.


Chan Wai Kwong / "Something Macau"








Foto Feminas / "Los Mundos de Tita" by Fabiola Cedillo (Ecuador)

Tita, the photographer’s older sister who is the protagonist of this project. However, it could be referred to any of us. Tita appears in some of the photographs and she is the authors of the drawings inside the book. It is a story halfway between documentary, essay and child adventure book.

Foto Feminas / "B to B" by Brenda Moreno (Mexico)

Moreno's intention, through images of her family and the ones she chose to call a family, is to convey the roles we fulfil, how one finds comfort within them and how it soothes us. In her search on identity, she follows moments, details and exploration of materials and errors of everyday life.

 imageless / "Maiden Voyage" by Amiko Li

On Amiko Li's "Maiden Voyage," photographer Tim Davis writes: "[It] is a probe, sent to the limits of photographic connectedness." The images, diary-like in nature, together make an idiosyncratic view of the human experience. "Li draws together images that are strummed on the harp of one sharp-eared young romantic artist, but whose meaning together builds odd harmonic overtones as images pile up. This work is the diary of a vision of the world, not of a person." Maiden Voyage won PDN The Curator’s Award and Center Project Launch Award, it was nominated MACK First Book Award, and shortlisted at Istanbul PhotoBoo Festival and Belfast Photo Festival.


Agnes Shuk-mei KU / "Where Time Turns Black"

The author entered into her elderly mother’s lost memory space, returning to the old district where she spent her childhood ... Blackness ─ a feeling of mysterious suspense, hovers between the individual and the collective, between remembering and forgetting, and between the past and the present. The book, which traverses photography, writing and sociology, has received an international award in photography.     


谷淑美 /《流光.時黑》 墮進年邁母親所遺失的記憶空間內,重返孩童時曾生活的舊區,作者環顧城市四周,誘發她對時間、記憶與存在的沉思冥想……黑色,一份神秘的懸念,盤旋於個人與集體、 記憶與遺忘、過去與現在之間。《流光.時黑》是一本探索影像、寫作及社會學思考的跨領域創作,曾獲國際攝影獎項。


               Libro Arte / "border | korea" by Yusuke Hishida

North Korea and South Korea: a single group of people that not so long ago lived as one now leading completely separate realities on opposite sides of a military boundary known as the “38th Parallel.” “border/korea” is an attempt to illustrate these two countries divided by a line drawn on a map, using delicately juxtaposed photos.


               Michioto Publishing / "Noroshi" by Sohei Terui

Sohei Terui has been taking photography of mainly Kumano, Omine, and Koyasan, one of the holiest mountains in Japan. His works depict the depths of nature, which he describes as a bottomless swamp. Noroshi (meaning signal smoke) consists of instantly frightening photographs coupled with some essays. He will also join HK Photobook Fair at the booth of Michioto Publishing.

             Nai Wen Hsu / "Unspoken" 


               Photography is Art / "Photography is Art Issue 03"

Photography is Art’s March 2018 edition features artists working with portrait photography, highlighting stunning works by Sandro Miller, Zhang Wei, Alex Prager, and Steve Richard. Also included are thoughtful reflections on local galleries and photo collections, ongoing photo festivals, and a poetic meditation on documentary road photography in China.


Editor: Leung Yiu Hong

  shashasha / "Ango" by Daido Moriyama

"In the old times, before the capital changed from Kyoto to Tokyo, cherry trees were considered a frightful sight. No one thought them a sign of beauty. […] Without a trace of human life beneath it, a cherry in full bloom becomes a fearful sight.”
The fifth installment of Match & Company’s “Japanese Photography x Contemporary Literature” series. In “Daido Moriyama: Ango”, Daido Moriyama’s frightening photographs of cherry trees are set to Ango Sakaguchi’s famous short-story “In the Forest, Beneath Cherries in Full Bloom”. The “demonic beauty of the cherry blossoms” of Moriyama and Sakaguchi turn into a jet-black photobook of bottomless loneliness, emptiness and dangerous seduction.



Three Shadows / "40 Years of Chinese Contemporary Photography - Three Shadows 10th Anniversary Special Exhibition"

This book is the catalogue of same-titled exhibition which is held by Three Shadows Photography Art Centre from Jun. 27th to Aug. 27th in 2017. The exhibition provides a comprehensive overview of the work of important Chinese contemporary photographers from the mid 1970s on, as well as related historical material. And this book is edited according to four sections of the exhibition : "The Rise of Unofficial Photography (1976-1979)", "New Wave Photography (1980-1989)", "Experimental Photography (1990-2006)", and "The Development of Experimental Photography Organizations (2007-present)". / Chief Editor: RongRong



twelvebooks / "A SHIMMER OF POSSIBILITY" by Paul Graham

Paul Graham’s a shimmer of possibility is regarded as one of the defining photobooks of this century. Awarded the ParisPhoto-Aperture Prize for the most significant photobook published in the past 15 years, the original set sold out soon. This new edition takes advantage of advances in technology in the decade since the first printing.




Wong Kan Tai / "Fukushima"

Kan Tai Wong's new photo book "fukushima", a Polaroid colour work which was shot in Fukushima, Japan between 2012-2013 will be shown in the Hong Kong Photo Book Fair 2018. He will be present to sign for readers in the Hong Kong Arts Centre March 30 to April 1st. 




Zen Foto Gallery / "S" by Tokyo Rumando

Tokyo Rumando’s new work “S” incorporates theatrical elements, which transforms her self-portraits from a story into a play, performed at her own stage theatre, leading the viewer into another time and space. 

S is Story



S is es

S is Sandglass

Sayonara S

―Tokyo Rumando